Whether it's you or a loved one dealing with an addiction, there is hope and there are others just like you.

Bloom: https://bloomforwomen.com/
My Recovery Portal by Dr Adam Moore: http://www.myrecoveryportal.com/
Addo Recovery: https://addorecovery.com/
SA Lifeline: https://salifeline.org/
Healing Through Christ (excellent family support manual- free download): http://www.healingthroughchrist.org/

  • Therapist Blogs (like having free therapy!):

Dr Mark Chamberlain (author of ‘Love You, Hate the Porn and others): http://markchamberlainphd.blogspot.com/

Dr Adam Moore: http://adammmoore.com/blog/

Addo Recovery: https://addorecovery.com/resources/

Dr Doug Weiss: http://www.drdougweiss.com/blog/

Maurice Harker (WORTH/Sons of Helaman/Men of Moroni): http://www.lifechangingservices.org/blog/

Geoff Steurer (LifeSTAR): http://www.geoffsteurer.com/

Eating disorders are addictions too!

Blogs worth reading (validation, hope, or just knowing someone else has been there can be invaluable!)