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Happy Father's Day

I am mindful of you (including siblings of mine) whose fathers are gone and for whom today is a painful reminder. I know there are some who are struggling to put on a happy, brave face and help their kids make this day special, in spite of feeling that addiction has robbed their children of their father-- one they know is in there somewhere, but they have learned they have no control over whether will reappear or not. I am mindful of you. I am mindful of you women who are playing the role of mother and father, and for whom today is also likely filled with heartache. You guys who are anxiously awaiting the opportunity to become a father and struggling with the heartache of it not happening on the timetable you had hoped.... And you guys who are working hard to provide as well as be present for the children in your life.  I am mindful of you as well.
I know that ultimately we ALL have a Heavenly Father who loves each and every one of us in our unique situations... And that while I am mindful of you, He is ever more so

Five years

Five years

Song for the WoPA