Meet Hala

Heather is an LDS mother of 4 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology from Brigham Young University.  She feels passionate about all things HALA, which is good since that's also her nickname.  She got the nickname when she was a child and her younger siblings couldn't correctly pronounce her name.  Heather has found that her greatest joy comes from helping others and from creating all sorts of things.  To this end, she works to promote wellness and wholehearted living and, with her husband, owns a successful Etsy shop, Hobbyholica.  

Heather is no stranger to hard times.  She has dealt with the sudden loss of her mother when she was 17 (mom was 38), sexual abuse, childhood trauma, home foreclosure, betrayal trauma, chronic health illness, traumatic brain injury, pornography addiction in loved ones, miscarriage, eating disorder/food addiction, PTSD and suicidal thoughts.  She's still here though and she has more hope than ever that she is anxious to share!  

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